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Topic: TV-sarjat

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Date: Apr 12 16:05 2005

RE: Televisio ja Se mitä sieltä tulee

Amazing race
Mun mielestä Terin ja Ianin olisi pitänyt ehdottomasti voittaa! Ne olis todellakin ansainnut sen......Varsinkin Teri joka jaksoi kuunnella miehensä pälätystä aina....
Flo oli hirveä akka,ja se ei todellakaan ansainnu voittoa......No koko Amerikka varmaan vihaa sitä.....
Muuten mä luin jostain lehdestä että toi amazing race oli kuvattu vuonna 2002....
Että maikkarilta tosiaan tulee kyllä uutta ohjelmaa....

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Fighting Spirit
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Date: Apr 12 16:24 2005
Originally posted by: Madonna freek

"Muuten mä luin jostain lehdestä että toi amazing race oli kuvattu vuonna 2002....
Että maikkarilta tosiaan tulee kyllä uutta ohjelmaa....

Juuri näytetty Amazing Race oli kolmas ja nyt on jo ymmärtääkseni tehty kuusi Amazing Race-kautta. Eli ei tosiaan ollut kauhean uusi.

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Date: Apr 13 10:54 2005

SURVIVOR Host: You all have a lot of great questions for Jon, so let's get begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Survivor Jon Dalton. We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Let's get started! What's up, Jon? Are you ready to take some questions?
JON: Absolutely! America's favorite survivor is here!

MYKONA: Good job! How do you like the title "Most Infamous Survivor"?
JON: I dig it. It's mostly just the fat and ugly people that don't like me though, those that sympathize with Rupert. But the beautiful people love me, and I love them.

JOHNNY: Jon, how did you prepare for SURVIVOR?
JON: I purchased every season and every Early Show interview off eBay, watched every season twice and watched AMAZON three times. I also spent my last two weeks before leaving for Panama in Catalina becoming skin diver and scuba diver certified.

MARYS: Jon, how much did you win coming in third place?
JON: Two lottery tickets and a Chick Filet coupon.

MRLGUY: You really toned down your question to Lill and Sandra. What did you really want to ask them?
JON: There was a lot more to the question than was shown.

SUZYQ: Jon, you're an a self-professed a-hole who played the game well. What do you think about all this negativity towards you?
JON: I love it. I'm lady friendly.

MYKONA: Jon, has your date factor risen/fallen since SURVIVOR?
JON: I've had over a hundred ménages à trois since SURVIVOR.

FREEDOM: Where does your attitude towards women come from? And don't you think the whole men-are-better-than-women thing is getting tired?
JON: Is that Rupert's mom asking questions again?

MEICHY: Jon, who was your letter from?
JON: Thunder D, my friend that came and visited me.

LIPPYMOM2: Is that 70s hairdo making a comeback, dude?
JON: It's my tribute to John Holmes.

JEDI: Jon, how many times did you guys really make Lill cry?
JON: I can't count that high. [laughs]

DARWIN: Jon, if you won the million dollars, what would you buy your grandmother?
JON: A prostitute.

KAPIL: What do you think of Osten after he left the game?
JON: I thought he was a cool guy.

CARIN: Who did you dislike most of all the contestants?
JON: Lill and Rupert. Lill messed up my money, and Rupert stole my air time.

SANDRAFAV: What did your friend write in the letter, Jon?
JON: Wrestling results and also mentioned my grandmother's cancer had moved into stage 5.

POLJ: Jon, do you think the dumbest move you and Burton made was to go off together to old Panama City?
JON: Absolutely not. It was worth one million to me and Burton to get away from the other three.

DARWIN: Jon, will you ever pose for Playgirl if they offered you?
JON: Eighty percent of all Playgirls are purchased by men, so no way.

FREEDOM: Are you in love with Burton?
JON: No, but we are going to the Playboy mansion for New Year's Eve together. Thanks for asking!

ENNA: Do you think Sandra was at all deserving of this win, and why?
JON: Absolutely not. The men's SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLAND champion (me) should be just a flat-out SURVIVOR champion and the greatest player that played the game. Richard Hatch can't hold my jock, but I'm sure he'd like to try.

MINIBUNKY: Do you think Sandra played a good game?
JON: No, hiding in the bushes isn't bragging material.

ENNA: In hindsight, do you think Sandra was smarter than you credited her for?
JON: Absolutely not.

RINK: You said Christa throwing out the fish was idiotic and childish. What about lying about Grandma?
JON: It's called strategy, you moron.

AZ_GILIE: Jon, the "grandma lie" was brilliant, although evil and deceptive. How did you think of it?
JON: After watching SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON and seeing the pity Jenna got for her mom's cancer (which was true), I figure, what's more sympathetic than a mom? I'll go with grandma.

NJMOMMY: You didn't win any Challenges on your own, and you never got Immunity. Did you really play hard?
JON: I enjoyed more rewards than any Survivor in the history of the show. I must have played hard enough to have enjoyed them.

MYKONA: How the hell are you? Will we be seeing more of your antics now that SURVIVOR is finished?
JON: Absolutely! I have TV, film and wrestling projects in the future.

SCOOTY: Would Rowdy Roddy Piper have lasted longer than you?
JON: Not on that fake hip.

ALLSTARPUNK: What did you think of Darrah's talks on boob jobs and chocolate chip cookies?
JON: [laughs] I love 'em both! I had the same conversation with Jeff Probst's mom.

ALLSTARPUNK: Jonny, were you ever a Boy Scout?
JON: Yes, I was!

SHAKATERI: Did you think Lill could stay on the box longer than you and Sandra in the last Challenge?
JON: I thought it was going to be a super easy Challenge. Lill has an aerobics background, and that was the difference in the game. I took the two weakest people to the end knowing I could beat them.

JUSTWHATEVER: How would you define "riding the coattails of others," and don't you think you were guilty of it as well?
JON: I made every move that decided every person being eliminated from the game from day one to day thirty-eight. I think that's a huge difference in coattail-riding and game-playing.

TEDD: Was Michelle as hot in person as she looked on screen?
JON: More so.

ENNA: What do you think one of your biggest mistakes in the game was?
JON: I never made a mistake.

CRIMSON: Burton mentioned that you and Sandra have "lowered" the bar on the depths Survivors will go to win. You played evil, sarcastic, backstabbing and annoying. Sandra played sneaky, a bit reserved, a bit open, backstabbing. She won; you didn't. How can you say she has no right to be there? Yet you do.
JON: She's there because I dragged her there: that's the difference.

STARRY: Did your opnions of anyone change once you watched the show on TV?
JON: I feel bad about yelling at Christa for the fish...but not too bad.

SNHTY: If Burton and you had made it to the Final Two, who do you think would have won?
JON: Burton: more people liked him than me. [laughs]

PLUS35: How bad was the odor of all of you after 39 days?
JON: After Rupert was gone, not too're welcome, America.

JUNKISBACK: Jon, would you consider yourself an honest man or a bad man?
JON: A great man. Ask your wife.

ADIOS_AMOEBA: Jon, you have a lot to live down now. How do you think it will affect your future?
JON: More sex. [laughs] Thanks in advance.

YOGI: Are you a genuine idiot with no respect to women, or was your boorish attitude feigned?
JON: I love women; ask my maid. [laughs]

ADIOS_AMOEBA: Jon...Is there anything you wouldn't lie about?
JON: My thirteen inches.

GOGOGADGET: You said people come up to you and say they want to kill you? Taking any karate classes? Hired any bodyguards?
JON: I have a couple bodyguards.

NIKI: Who (besides yourself) is the best player who ever played SURVIVOR?
JON: I liked Rob C. from AMAZON.

LOVE_SURVIVOR: Do you think you set a low standard for future SURVIVORS?
JON: I'll never be topped.

COCOA: Jon, great game. Is there anything you would have changed to get yourself into the Final Two?
JON: No, I played the game exactly how I wanted to.

SEAWATER: What was your best and worst day (not counting the day you were evicted) on SURVIVOR, and why?
JON: Best day was when me and Burton got to go off on the last Reward Challenge, just getting away from everyone. My worst day was when Burton got voted off. But voting Rupert off was a close second for favorite day.

SHELL: What would your luxury item have been had you been allowed one?
JON: Mullet wig. I had one in my bag.

CSYRUP: Hey Jon! Do you really think you were the toughest man out there?
JON: Have you seen my pecs?

SURVIVOR84: Hey Jon, I wanted to know if you are continuing your friendship with any of the survivors besides Burton?
JON: I'm friends with just about everyone but Rupert, Lil, Sandra and Skinny Ryan.

RINK: Jon, has anybody ever told you how stupid you look with your arms crossed with the peace signs?
JON: Yeah, your boyfriend, when he leaves at night.

BOMBER: Hey Jon, did you ever get sick from eating any of the rich foods during the Reward ceremonies you were at?
JON: I threw up every time! [laughs]

ALLSTARPUNK: If you were in the Amazing Race and had to pick one of the Survivors from any of the seasons, who would be your partner?
JON: Burton: I'd take a bullet for that guy.

DARWIN: Give me one word that best describes Burton.
JON: Burton Reynolds.

BROWNBABEE: Why did you hate Rupert so much after all he did for the team?
JON: He did nothing for the team.

SANDRA_RULES: Jon, would you do another SURVIVOR?
JON: We'll see.

GOGOGADGET: Jon, we have an idea of how Jeff feels about you. But how do you feel about Jeff?
JON: I think he looks much taller on TV.

ARBY: Jon, have you considered therapy for these delusions of grandeur?
JON: I'm still trying to get over my humility.

VTMAN: When you acknowleged that Rupert was a great man, were you just sucking up?
JON: Absolutely!

BLEEN: Jon, I think the dead grandmother lie was brilliant. Did you have a backup plan in case anyone called you on it?
JON: No, I knew no one would find out.

SPOON: Do your hitting on Darrah during the smoothie game backfire in any way?
JON: No.

BABIE_D: Did you get in trouble for going to Tribal Council drunk?
JON: I was spoken to afterwards, and what they didn't show on the show was that I actually fell out of my stool.

JONATHON: Jon, what would you have done if Burton had not come back in the game?
JON: Beat Rupert to Loser Island.

LIONLARCH: Did you notice any changes in Jeff when he found out about your grandmother lie? He seemed to treat you differently at Tribal Council.
JON: I think Jeff gained a lot of respect for me seeing how much more strategic I was.

KYLEKEWL: Was there any hanky panky in the game?
JON: Yes.

STALLCUPETTE: Jon, did you actually think the show wouldn't call about your grandmother?
JON: I didn't think they would.

JONISABADMAN: How gross was it to see Lill in her underwear so many times?
JON: The white whale? Yuck, yuck, yuck.

GRETCHEN: Jon, what female player was your favorite, and why?
JON: Friendwise: Trish. Bodywise: Nicole.

JON_IS_A_JERK: Is it true you asked Burton to live with you?
JON: We're both living in LA in February.

SHAKATERI: How does it make you feel that Lill was willing to give up 900,000 dollars just so you didn't get it?
JON: Awesome. Dumb move, dumb woman.

HHHHH: Was there any aspect of SURVIVOR that made you want to play the game other than the money?
JON: Free SURVIVOR mouse pad.

LEE1: Jon, any chance you were more interested in the camera and TV audience than the game itself?
JON: Very easily a chance. [laughs] Infamy rules!

FAIRPLAYRULES: If you got to choose your own tribe from past SURVIVORS, who would your tribe consist of?
JON: Jerry [laughs], Nicole, Michelle, Darrah, Elisabeth and Boston Rob.

JENNI: If you could pick the next location of SURVIVOR, where would it be?
JON: Vegas.

CYBERCHICK: Jon, what were your thoughts on Robb and Rob from previous SURVIVORs? Would you say they were annoying too?
JON: My two favorite previous players in the game.

MIKE1199: Were you picked on a lot in school?
JON: Never.

STINGRAY: Was Lill as dumb as Colby from a previous show?
JON: Possibly more dumb, but Colby's an idiot.

YUCK: What other Survivors came close to being as hateable as you?
JON: No one...not possible.

SHE_FANGS: If each Survivor could bring an animal, what would you bring?
JON: Ethan.

JOHNNYBOY: Did living in Danville suck more than living on that island?
JON: It's a tie. [laughs]

GRETCHEN: Jon, did you ever wish you had started on the other tribe?
JON: No way!

KISSITJON: Do you ever find it hard to live life as such a smart, attractive man?
JON: It's tough, and thanks for askin' the question, gramma.

TRIBEHASPOKEN: Do you need to be hated in order to get attention?
JON: Sure.

SURVIVOR Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Jon is up. Jon, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the SURVIVOR fans?
JON: It's been your pleasure.

Täytyy sanoa, että Jon on todella hauska ja härski jätkä. Sarkastiset ihmiset on aina ihania!

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Date: Apr 13 13:29 2005
Mä en todellakaan käsitä mitä tossa tyypissä on hauskaa. Säälittävä tyyppi tuo Jon. Mutta näköjään hänen "tyylinsä" puree joihinkin ja siihenhän hän tähtäsikin... Harmi. Aivan sama mulle toisaalta.

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Date: Apr 14 12:48 2005
Mitä mieltä olette Dr.Phil - ohjelmasta? Mun mielestä se on mielenkiintoinen show, siinä on aina monenlaisia aiheita. Täytyy sanoa, että aika rohkeita ne ihmiset, jotka menee sinne puhumaan omista, henkilökohtaisista ongelmistaan kaikkien ihmisten eteen televisioon.

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Date: Apr 14 21:54 2005
Mä en katsonut tuota viimeisintä Survival sarjaa, vaikka aikaisemmat tuli katsottua hyvinkin tarkkaa. Mutta tuon Amazing Race sarjan katsoin kylläkin, ja vaikka Flo oli sellainen kuin oli (hirveä akka ) täytyy nostaa hattua sille, että Zach jaksoi typyä koko kisan ajan. Sillä jäbällä on rautaiset hermot. Itse en olisi varmaankaan venynyt ihan noin pitkälle, noinkin rauhallisena ihmisenä. Toivoin silti tuon parin voittoa loppuun asti.

Tuota Dr. Phill sarjaa ei tule seurattua, enimmäkseen siksi, että se tulee iltapäivisin. Mutta en muutenkaan ole tuontyylisten sarjojen fanittaja. Ne sarjat joita katson tulevat useimmiten vasta paljon myöhemmin. Kuten esim. Kymppikerho, Paritellen, Todistettavasti syyllinen...

Ja tietysti sunnuntaipäivisin tuota Smallville sarjaa


Every scar that you try to hide. All the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Let me love you from the inside out...

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Date: Apr 16 10:41 2005
Originally posted by: Mira

"Mitä mieltä olette Dr.Phil - ohjelmasta? Mun mielestä se on mielenkiintoinen show, siinä on aina monenlaisia aiheita. Täytyy sanoa, että aika rohkeita ne ihmiset, jotka menee sinne puhumaan omista, henkilökohtaisista ongelmistaan kaikkien ihmisten eteen televisioon. "

Dr Phil on kyllä ihan hauska tyyppi! Joskus tullut kyllä hänen ohjelmaansa katsottua mutta tulee vaan niin huonoon aikaa että harvemmalle on jäänyt. Sen pohjalta mitä olen nähnyt niin voin kyllä sanoa että tykkään.

Little Star
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Date: Apr 19 00:03 2005
Olipas hauska ruuvit löysällä jakso!
Harmi vaan että se jää tauolle....

Easy Rider
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Date: Apr 19 08:27 2005
Originally posted by: Beautiful_Stranger

"Olipas hauska ruuvit löysällä jakso!
Harmi vaan että se jää tauolle....

Mulla meni nauhalle. Saas nähdä milloin sitä ehtii katsomaan sen. Harmi tosiaan että jää tauolle. Mitä sen tilalle tulee?

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Date: May 3 19:16 2005

Will & Grace maratoni klo 11.15 alkaen

Helatorstain kunniaksi Maikkari esittää suositun komediasarjan 3. tuotantokauden loput 12 ennen esittämätöntä jaksoa. Tulevissa jaksoissa mm. hypitään kaapista kaappiin, koetaan katkeraa kostonhimoa ja kiusallista perhedraamaa, viljellään valkoisia valheita, juonitellaan pokeripöydässä, tutustutaan yllätykselliseen naapuriin, koulukiusaaja saa takaisin samalla mitalla ja ihmissuhdeverkot tempoilevat sikin sokin. Vierailevina tähtinä nähdään mm. Woody Harrelson, Patrick Dempsey, Sydney Pollack ja Ellen DeGeneres.

5 tuntia putkeen mikä olisi parempi keino viettää arkipyhä, kuin tuijottamalla televisiota koko aamupäivä

... vielä menee jokunen jakso ennenkuin Madonna on mukana Suomessakin toivottavasti esitettävissä 5 kauden jaksoissa.


Every scar that you try to hide. All the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Let me love you from the inside out...

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Date: May 3 23:02 2005
Minä katson nykyisin Pamela Andersonin tähdittämää kirjakauppasarjaa,nimeltä Stacked.Sarjassa Pamela menee töyhin kirjakauppaa ja sekoittaa normaalin ja tylsän arjen.....Sarja on tosi hyvä ja hauska.

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Date: May 4 20:17 2005
....Niin ja tietysti seuraan miehille suunnattua Stripperella piirros-sarjaa MTV:ltä jossa Pamela puhuu Erotica Jonesin alias Stripperellan ääntä....

-Confessions Tour 28.8.2006 Paris

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-Sticky & Sweet Tour 6.8.2009 Helsinki ( First row , main stage !!! )

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Date: May 6 10:24 2005
11.5. tulee Subtv:ltä E! Entertainment: Tähtien Bisnekset-ohjelma, ja siinä on aiheena Madonna ja hänen miljoonansa! Kaikki Madonna - fanit vaan sitten katsomaan...!!

-- Edited by Mira at 11:25, 2005-05-06

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Date: May 17 15:22 2005
Originally posted by: Mira

"Eilen sitten alkoi suomalainen Sillä Silmällä - sarja. Katson kyllä sitä, se on hyvä!! Se amerikkalainen sarja oli parempi, mutta onhan tämä suomalainenkin oikein viihdyttävä. Sanotaan nyt sit vielä omat suosikkihenkilöt niistä: Eli amerikkalaisessa sarjassa suosikkini oli Carson, ja nyt tässä suomalaisessa se Mikko. "

Nyt kun olen kerinnyt katsoakkin jo muutaman jakson tuosta sarjasta niin on se kieltämättä ihan mukava näin suomalaisenakin versiona, vaikka minulla olikin omat ennakko epäilykseni asiasta. Kyllä varmaan tulee katsottua silloin kun kotona siihen aikaan olen.

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Date: Jun 11 14:42 2005
YES, DEAR eli SAMAN KATON ALLA on oikein viihdyttävä komediasarja. Tykkään katsella sitä.

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